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  • Anna Bettina

Fuwa Fuwa Dessert Cafe in Pickering, ON

Fuwa Fuwa Pickering

I have always found it challenging making recommendations for cafes in the Durham region. I feel it was quite limited and for those that are in the area, I did not find anything that made an impact where I can say "I recommend ..." to friends and family. 

Thankfully, as of Apr 20 2024, Fuwa Fuwa is now open. Fuwa Fuwa is a dessert cafe that serves Japanese souffle pancakes, which are airy and delicate pancakes made usually by incorporating whipped egg whites to the batter. The pancakes are like a blank canvas and can be topped with anything and everything. 

The Pickering location has such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and they have a corner by the entrance made for social media where you can take pictures and share memories across platforms.

Fuwa Fuwa Lounge

The food is priced inexpensively for how much work it is to prepare and cook. The service is great - friendly staff that greets you with a smile when coming into the store. The owners go out of their way to make sure your wait is comfortable, especially since the pancakes take 20-30 minutes to cook and is made to order. With patience, once you try their food you will not be disappointed. Their top choices are the Matcha, Crème Brûlée, Matcha Tiramisu, and Tiramisu pancakes packed with flavour

Japanese Pancake

These pancakes are not too sweet and light, replicating how you would feel when eating a souffle. Definitely a place you would like to go back to, and in my experience, I consider this the number one hang out spot in Durham, bringing asian delicacy to the city. I would definitely rate this a five star restaurant.

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