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Hello! It's Anna Bettina!


A little background story about me: I am an only child who grew up with big dreams on life. I am a simple girl who finds happiness in the kitchen, hanging out with family, friends, & boyfriend, or in the gym. I currently juggle a full-time job and working on variety of projects. One of them will be creating digitally made graphics in stationery form, whether it be greeting cards, prints, and many more. Growing up I’ve always enjoyed sitting in a nearby windowsill with a cup of coffee and writing my day-to-day life. I would incorporate pictures and just reminisce all the happy memories and the challenging memories. Journal writing, for me has been therapeutic and allowed me to express myself and release energy. I was able to rely on writing to assist in overcoming challenges. Rather than writing in a book, I wanted to transfer my journal writing into something more virtual where it is easy for me to share memories and learnings with the community. Anna Bettina is tailored into 4 main categories: Food, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Love. Of course, they will be broken down further into sub groups, but these will be the main focus on this page. I hope that everyone will get to enjoy reading the topics in this website, and who knows, maybe it will grow to contain even more topics that could be helpful for you, readers. Enjoy!


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